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Contacting the Deceased
Nikki with Thomas John from the hit show the Seatbelt Psychic.
Nikki Bodine - Medium
Contacting Deceased

For contacting the deceased Nikki will sit down with you by phone or in person to connect to your loved ones.

Contacting Deceased: $125

Personal Readings

For personal readings Nikki will focus on you and your soul to give you the best information for you at this time. 

Personal Reading 30 mins: $90

Payment Options:

PayPal via
Personal check
Credit Card


Notes from Clients:

“Nikki Bodine is a gifted psychic medium. She is warm, kind, and her messages provide an excellent validation of life on the Other Side.” – Thomas John, Psychic Medium, Author of Never Argue with a Dead Person

“Nikki has helped me communicate with my father and my sister. It was a very beautiful experience. Nikki also has helped me with healing where she was able to tune into my body. I recommend Nikki Bodine as a medium, psychic and healer! She is fantastic!” – Stephanie Allensworth, CEO - Allensworth Entertainment

“Ms. Bodine...You changed my life. When I lost my beloved soulmate, Johan, almost 4 years ago, my life was devastated and I couldn't recover from the trauma of having seen him pass. You – with just a name – we're able to confirm information that no one else in the world knew and that I myself couldn't even decipher until I reviewed my notes later. You told me the cause of death before it officially came back from the coroner. I thought of you tonight because you asked me if I wore a flower in my hair at the end of the reading and I came across this photo from his funeral. You restored my faith in God and helped me move on in life and all of the things you told me were on the horizon eventually came to pass – especially when you said I would heal in the summer (I met my current husband that same summer). I cannot thank you enough for the peace and closure you gave to me. God bless you.”

“I just wanted to thank you again for the reading that you did for me on 4/25 when you connected me with my sister, mother and father. I felt that you were really right on about them, especially the many things you said about my sister and the helpful messages that you conveyed to me from all of them.”  – L.P.

“Thank you so very much for contacting my dad (and my mom!) on Friday. I left with such a wonderful feeling, and I’m still glowing inside. I really appreciated your kind, loving way and the clear messages that came through so well. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”  – M.A.

“Thank you again for the reading you did for me with my mom. When we left your house I wrote everything down as quick as I could so I would not forget anything. The reading felt like maybe 10 minutes went by, but actually it was an hour. I know you said it was hard to get information from my mom, but when I wrote it all down there was a lot there. I've had experiences and memories in my lifetime, but that ready is the best. I still miss my mom every day. I think this will help me move forward now. THANK YOU again. Take care, and continue your good work."   – Pat 

"We just wanted to say thank you again. That was so beautiful and amazing. My eyes hurt but my soul feels better.  Mike's mom has never sewn...until tonight. You said Mike's Mom was sewing. She's sewing a quilt tonight. That's INSANE. Thank you. Thank you for everything." - Mike

"I just wanted to thank you again for guiding us through a session yesterday. It was really an amazing experience. I wanted t let you know that we found out who "Uncle Gus" was. It was her great uncle, Gustav. Also, the uncle whose name started with an "R" was her Uncle Robert. Once we found that out we felt even greater about the experience."- Nia