Watching my sister's psychic and mediumship gifts explode over these last few years has been so much fun for me. She's bringing a great deal of comfort to people in the depths of grief as she communicates with their deceased loved ones.   

One of her gifts that I think is extremely important is her ability to communicate with people's deceased pets. There are so many people who anguish for weeks, months, over their decisions to put their pets down and to know that they can communicate with their deceased beloved animals will bring a great deal of healing for people and for their pets.  

Echo Bodine
Author of Echoes of the Soul
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I work with individuals who want to communicate with a loved one who has crossed over. I do medium work to help people heal. This is often a deeply spiritual experience. Our loved ones enjoy the chance to meet with us and share information, and working with a medium makes this possible. The experience often brings healing to both parties

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